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Seth "Freezy Macbones" Gyimah

Professional Boxer

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Seth Gyimah, more famously known as Freezy Macbones, hailing from the town of Bimma in the Ashanti Region, carries the enduring spirit carved from a life of hardships. His younger years were spent attending the Krobea Asante Technical Vocational Institute in Asokore, and during the breaks, he worked in construction, seeking to support his family. Reflecting on his modest roots, he once commented, “I come from a place where there was no light, no water, nothing… and now I see myself with one of the biggest promotions in the world… I see myself as a winner no matter what."

In search of a brighter future, Seth relocated to the UK. Beginning as a kitchen porter, fate intervened when he was unexpectedly thrust into the role of a chef, highlighting his culinary prowess and gradually transitioning him from the dish pit to culinary creations. Yet, even amidst the kitchen's hustle, his heart's true calling was the boxing ring. Despite the challenges — from initial rejections in masonry due to his slender build to skepticism about his boxing pursuits — his agility and passion led him to a victorious professional debut against Christopher Wood.

2021 proved pivotal for Gyimah. A video of him overpowering a significantly larger adversary caught the world's attention, drawing shoutouts from renowned figures like 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather, and Tyson Fury, with many observers seeing echoes of Mike Tyson's legendary prowess. Yet, Gyimah remains focused on carving out his own legacy.

By 2023, the boxer, had set his sights on the 2024 Olympics. Though he faced a setback during the qualifiers against Seydou Konate in Dakar, his hope and determination are undiminished. He now eagerly anticipates the Asia and Europe play-offs, hoping to secure his place on the Olympic stage. Gyimah's journey, from the streets of Bimma to the global boxing arena, stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and unwavering passion.

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