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Stephene Couste

Managing Director Fan Milk Limited

Stephene Couste

Stephane Couste was until January 2019 the Managing Director of Fan Milk Limited, producers of ice cream and frozen yoghurt. He led the company through a period of transition and the execution of a number of landmark industrial, organizational and transformational projects. Prior to assuming the office in July 2016, he had accrued some two decades of experience in the FMCG industry, including serving as General Manager of Fan Milk Togo and Ivory Coast.

He was also General Manager at the Danone Group, rising through the ranks as Director of Industrial and Supply Chain in Turkey, Human Resource Manager and Vice President in Charge of Integration in Russia.

He also served for three years as General Manager for the Volga Division Group of Companies in Danone Russia. His role as General Manager of Fan Milk Ghana allowed for a joint venture between Abraaj and the Danone Group.

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