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Michael Blackson

Comedian and Actor

Michael Blackson

Michael Blackson is the preferred screen name of Ghanaian American-based comedian and actor. His trademark character of a combative African immigrant in his comedy sketches has drawn laughs and won him fans from diverse backgrounds. In 2005, he releazed a comedy Modasucka: Welcome to America in which he chronicled the immigrant experience in America.

He has appeared in several movies, including Next Friday, Repos, Internet Dating, One Night in Vegas, Angry African Man, and Meet the Blacks. He has also been featured in television shows such as 30 Rock and Living With Funny. He made a headline performance at the 2018 Afrima Awards, where he thrilled the audience with his characteristic mix of self-deprecating and belligerent humor.

He is set to reach a much wider audience in the upcoming sequel to the blockbuster comedy hit, Coming to America in which he would be starring alongside Eddie Murphy.