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James Ebo Whyte

James Ebo Whyte

James Ebo Whyte is a renowned playwright and motivational speaker and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Roverman Productions, a production house that has since 2008 been producing world-class family-oriented plays for the Ghanaian public.

Uncle Ebo had his secondary education at the Osu Presby Secondary School before moving on to the University of Ghana where he trained as a statistician. He also self-taught himself to become a chartered accountant and a marketing professional. His management practice spans several years, having worked as a general manager of a pharmaceutical company, the head of finance of a nonbank financial institution, and the head of marketing and sales of an automobile company, among other engagements.

In his life as a playwright, Uncle Ebo has written and directed over twenty acclaimed plays including ‘Women on Fire’, ‘Unhappy Wives’ and 'Confused Husbands’. He is also the publisher of the Rover Report Monthly, a magazine that focuses on instilling good moral values and attitudes into the citizenry.

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