Janet Abobigu

Janet Abobigu

Janet Abobigu is the founder of Uni-Jay Company Limited and Uni-Jay Amaleboba Foundation, a philanthropic organization that has been at the forefront of empowering people through skills training, education and health care. Inspired by the difficulties she went through as a child growing up in Kumasi where she had to work as a head porter to finance her education, Mrs. Abobigu has made it a lifelong goal to lift the less-privileged out of poverty through skills training, education and scholarships.

Having dropped out of school to learn a trade in dressmaking, Mrs. Abobigu began her journey making dresses for people from her parents’ rented room. Buoyed by increased sales, she later rented a kiosk from which she operated. Her business is today a household name in Kumasi and Ghana as a whole as it has become a large-scale fashion house with a workforce of over 200 permanent employees and over 400 contract workers. In her philanthropic work, she has so far trained over 5000 people in skills development.

Her perseverance in life has earned her a number of awards, including being adjudged the Fashion Company of the Year for Ashanti Region, Overall Fashion Company of the Year and the Chamber Business of the Year at the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards in 2018.

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