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Father Andrew Cambell

Father Andrew Cambell

Reverend Father Andrew Campbell is an Irish Catholic priest who has made Ghana his home since he left the United Kingdom in 1971. He is now a full Ghanaian citizen having received his citizenship in 2013.

Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1946, he studied Philosophy and Theology at the St. Patrick’s College in the United Kingdom and received his Bachelor of Divinity Degree from the same institution in 1970. In that same year, he was ordained a Catholic priest.

Upon his arrival in Ghana, he was made the acting Priest in charge of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Osu before being appointed the Youth Chaplain Catholic Churches, Accra in 1975. He has also served as the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Accra.

When he volunteered to come to Ghana as a missionary priest in 1971, Father Campbell had made up his mind to dedicate his life to cater for the needs of the neglected. He founded the Leper’s Aid Committee, a committee of Young People committed to assist cured Lepers through fund raising.

With the funds, Reverend Father Campbell has rolled out a number of initiatives to help rehabilitate and economically empower lepers with skills. These include the setting up of a mill at the leprosarium in Accra and in about four other places in Ghana, soap and mat-making ventures as well as a poultry farm.

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